Welcome to the Cloverpuppy4047 WikiEdit

this wiki is about CP4047 (sierra) and she is a kinztuber. WARNING! this contains webkinz!

turn back fans!Edit

if you think CP4047 is on this wiki turn back now!

we are all just fans

prettyfennekin22800 and anyone else on this wiki are just fans right? yes prettyfennekin22800 creates the rules here and she knows if CP4047 is here or not!

no worries! Prettyfennekin22800 sent her the link to this wiki through her deviant art account! massel20 [1]


you won't get in contact with her here if you try you're being weird and stupid

prettyfennekin22800 isn't Cloverpuppy4047 see the minecraftkinz0407 wiki for more details

CloverPuppy4047 doesn't know that this wiki exists

more like nobody on this wiki is CP4047 but if she is on this wiki she will say it!

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE! this wiki is made by a fan which is prettyfennekin22800, so view her profile before thinking that CP4047 made this wiki, the truth is prettyfennekin22800 is A FAN!

read those before being an idiot! (idiots think CP4047 is prettyfenekin2800 or on this wiki at all)

Latest activityEdit

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